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W. H. Pouch Scout Camp is Taking Steps to Combat the Spread of Covid-19. Camp Pouch and the Scout Shop are currently closed and will reopen soon. Unit and group reservations, are impacted by this suspension of business, can be moved to a later date in 2020, a date in 2021, or offer a refund of fees paid. Request a refund.

Drive-in Movie Series

A special series this summer presented by William H. Pouch Scout Camp, Greater New York Councils, and the Office of the Borough President of Staten Island James Oddo.

$40 entry fee per car includes choice of 4 snacks and 4 drinks.

Access to the lot opens at 7:00pm, films will begin at 8:30pm.

For more info call: 877-651-0360

*showings are subject to change
  • General Rules and Policies:
    • Only ticket holders will be allowed into the show. Please purchase tickets online prior to arrival.
    • Please enter at 1285 Manor Road, across from the JCC behind Wagner High School.
    • Gates open at 7:00pm, movie will begin at 8:30pm.
    • Restrooms will be available throughout the event.
    • Social Distancing must always be practiced. You must wear a mask when outside your vehicle.
    • No tobacco, vaping, alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs please.
    • No vulgar, profane or loud voices, this is a family event.
  • Parking:
    • Please follow directions from the Public Safety team, speed limit is 5mph.
    • Parking is on a first come, first served basis. The management reserves the right to assign your parking space. Oversized vehicles will be parked in the rear to allow smaller vehicles to see the screen.
  • Snacks and Beverages:
    • Your admission fee provides you with 4 drinks and 4 snacks to be selected upon entry.
    • Additional Snacks and Beverages are available for purchase, but please feel free to bring your own.
    • Please keep any trash in your vehicle, trash bins are available when exiting the lot.
  • Vehicles:
    • NYC idling laws apply.
    • Please do not sit on top of your vehicle for any reason.
    • Please turn your vehicle and headlights off during the movie. Headlights, daytime running lights and interior lights should remain off once the show begins. Most vehicles have overrides for disabling the running light feature, please read your owner’s manual.
  • Audio:
    • Audio will play through your car radio, please only play the movie audio during the movie.
    • If you elect to play your own music before the show, please keep the volume down so as not to disturb others.
  • Weather:
    • This event will run weather permitting. Please check the website for up-to-date info.  “No Go” announcements will be made by 5pm the day of the movie Email and Text Message.
    • If the movie is rained out, you can either exchange your ticket for another date or receive a full refund.
    • If a severe thunderstorm or heavy rain occurs, making it impossible for you to stay and enjoy the movie, we will give you a rain check if you haven’t been able to see at least 30 minutes of the movie.
    • Be sure to hold onto your e-mail confirmation ticket. Your ticket will be your rain check.
  • The Fine Print:
    • If a power outage or such act of nature, or technical difficulty beyond our control occurs, we will offer passes or rain checks. It is your choice to accept the rain check or choose a refund.  Passes will be good for this movie season only.
    • Management has the right to refuse service or admission to anyone at any time for any reason as they see fit.
    • NO REFUNDS will be provided once the show has run for 30 mins, or if you miss the show as your spot has been held for you.  Refunds must be requested by Friday midnight on the weekend before the show. Refunds are given at the manager’s discretion.
    • We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for Motor Vehicle accidents, damage to vehicles or personal property, lost or stolen items including money or personal property, or Medical injuries
    • Laser pointers are prohibited, their use will result in ejection from the premises.

RSVP on Facebook–  let your friends know you are attending – if anything changes or more tickets become available you’ll get updates quickly.

RSVP on Facebook–  let your friends know you are attending – if anything changes or more tickets become available you’ll get updates quickly.

9/12 Family Night -
The Sandlot

9/19 Adventure Night -
The Goonies

9/26 Sci-Fi Night -
Back to the Future