All units and persons entering the camp must check-in at the Visitor’s Center located at the entrance of the camp.

The William H. Pouch staff will collect any site fees that are outstanding. A roster is required before entering camp, they are available at camp or online. Units using a cabin will be expected to leave a $50 refundable cash damage deposit (payable at the camp office only). Unit leaders will be provided a key (cabin users), a map and detailed directions to your site. If you have any individuals needing assistance or have heavy equipment, please ask for assistance at check-in; a Ranger will be happy to assist you.

Fees due at camp can be paid by cash, check or credit card. Please make checks out to Greater New York Councils, BSA; you will be provided a receipt for all payments or deposits.


Cabin Rental

Gas Readings:  A fee of $1.25 per pound is charged for gas use in the cabins. Gas readings are taken by the Rangers prior to your arrival and will be provided to you at check-in. Please verify the gas reading when you arrive at your cabin. A reading will be taken upon your departure from the cabin by either a Campmaster or Ranger.

Safety Equipment:  All cabins have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for your protection. Tampering with these devices is a criminal offence. Fire extinguishers are provided in a break-glass cabinet in each cabin. Please make note of its location as you enter the cabin.

Cleaning Equipment:  Each cabin is provided a broom, mop, dustpan and garbage can for your use.


Visitor’s Center & Trading Post Hours

Friday:          6pm to 10pm
Saturday:      8am to 8pm
Sunday:        8am to close

Please call the camp if you will be arriving before or after the office hours listed above. Arrangements will be made to accommodate your arrival.