We welcome units and groups to come join us for a night or a weekend in a campsite or cabin

Link for booking: https://campreservation.com/640/Camps/675


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Interested in Being On Staff?

William H Pouch Scout Camp is looking for dedicated individuals from who want to help out at our drive-in movie series.

If you are interested in working at Pouch Scout Camp please apply at STAFF APPLICATION Please be sure to include current contact information for three references who are adults(over 18) with whom you are not related.

Hiring Process

Once you have filled out the online application above you will be contacted by a camp leader.  They will ask you about your skills and the position you selected held interest to you and set a time for an interview.


Working Papers

  • Individuals under the age of 18 in paid positions will need Working Papers in order to be hired. Working Papers can only be obtained from your school. We suggest not waiting until the last minute… ASK YOUR PRINCIPAL OR GUIDANCE COUNSELOR FOR THEM NOW!
  • There are 2 different types of working papers:
    • One set is only valid if you will be 15 during the time of your employment. This is clearly indicated on the front of the card
    • Another set is only valid if you will be 16 or 17 during your time of employment.
    • Make sure you have the correct type of Working Papers.
  • Failure to submit working papers on-time can potentially affect your ability to be paid on-time, or at all, this summer.
  • Working Papers cannot be obtained while at camp. This must be accomplished at your school before coming to camp.


Important Hiring Forms

Once your Camp Director has initiated the hiring process with the GNYC Camping Department, you will receive an email with information about the online hiring system and you can create your login. Most of the forms can be filled in by typing them out directly on your phone or computer, and then submitting the completed version. Documents can be photographed or scanned and uploaded as required. Once all required forms are completed and your background check has come back with no results your letter of agreement will be accepted. Please bookmark this link so that you can find your way back easily and do not forget your login information.

The forms that you must complete will include:

  • Letter of Agreement – Please check dates of employment and salary before submitting
  • Youth or Adult BSA Application – You will be registering as a Camp Staff Member even if you are already registered in another position.  This must be submitted every year.
  • Background Check – Youth and Adults will see the appropriate form for their position.
  • Camp Staff Code of Conduct – Updated Annually
  • I-9 – This must be filled out, identifications attached, signed, and submitted.
  • Parental Permission Transportation (Under 18) – Must be digitally signed by your parent.
  • Sweet 16 of BSA Safety – Please Review and Approve
  • W4 – This must be filled out, signed, and submitted.
  • The Current BSA Annual Health and Medical Record must be brought to camp with you.  This must be signed by a doctor within the past twelve months on both the examination and medication page.

BSA Training Information

All Camp Staff Employees must have the following trainings.  Most can be completed online and verification can be uploaded into the online hiring system.  These should be completed before coming to camp and must be valid until after the last date of employment.

  • Youth Protection Guidelines Training
  • Hazardous Weather Training
  • Sexual Harassment Training